Window Film

Solar Film

In Singapore, working in a bright office creates the best working condition. While natural light helps to brighten the room, the rays of the sun can be quite destructive too. Not only are they dazzling or cause your eyes to strain especially when you are infront of a computer screen but they increase the amount of heat in the room. This creates an uncomfortable environment as the cooling mechanism will be unable to drive away all the heat. When in such a situation, it’s best to invest in solar film for your windows.

Available in different tints

The UV rays of the sun are not only harmful to the skin but also to the furniture in your office. Exposure of your leather or fabric covered furniture to UV rays will result in them fading. This means that you will have to keep replacing your furniture from time to time. To prevent this and save in the process, you need to select solar film for your windows. Available tints include charcoal, black, graphite, charcoal green, silver and smoke grey among others.

Improve health of workers

Exposure to UV rays can trigger skin cancer therefore causing damage to your body. Apart from skin cancer, one can experience age spots and dark spots appearing on the skin due to exposure. To reduce this and ensure the health of your staff members, it’s wise to have solar films installed. Why wait when you can have the best solution installed immediately. Call us for the best quote.

Frosted Window Film

If you are looking for the best windows solution that will not only improve the outlook of your windows but increase your privacy too, look no further than frosted window films. Frosted window film is designed to be an opaque film that helps to reduce the amount of natural light that’s streaming in.

Why use frosted window films?

Improved décor

As an office owner in Singapore, you must love the view of the city which includes the building, the river and other man made attractions. When it comes to the door and window panels of your boardroom or office, you can improve their look too. With the frosted window film solution, different kind of patterns available. You can improve the outlook of your glass offices with floral patterns and other styles.

Improved privacy

Every office owner in Singapore has a board room where project presentations are carried. Since the office is an avenue for new customers who are looking to be represented, it’s best to treat them as strangers. Therefore to ensure more privacy in your boardroom, its best to apply frosted window films and protect your future projects.


As the best Singapore frosted window film experts, we have worked hard to ensure that our customers get the best. Our creative department has come up with the best patterns that outshine our competition. If you are looking for custom solutions, you don’t have to worry. Call our sales team and they are at hand to help you.

Control natural lights

While the rays of the sun help to shine offices, they can be quite distracting. Imagine having the rays of the sun reflect on your computer screen. You will not be able to accomplish much. With the frosted film, you will be able to control the amount of natural light streaming in.

Easy to clean

Our frosted glass films are easy to clean. You can use normal cleaning window solutions therefore ensuring that they stay clean. They will not be scratched during cleaning and you can give them an extra shine too. Our experts are highly experienced and they are available to offer you the best solution that will enhance your office setting.