Somfy Motorised Curtains

Are you looking for the best windows solution that will add class and personality into your home? Somfy motorized solutions is the best you can have.

Why select Somfy motorised curtains?

Smart home

Somfy motorized solutions are designed to not only add class and personality into your home but to ensure your home becomes smart. Traditional windows solutions require one to operate them manually by pulling chords in order to open the blinds or the curtains. With the motorized solution, home owners can finally open and close curtains and blinds at the click of a switch. This can be attributed to the installation of motorized tracks which can be controlled by a single switch.

Variety of fabrics to select from

When home owners shop for the right materials for their windows, they are looking for fabrics that will not only match the interior décor of the home but also display class and sophistication. Somfy motorized solution has invested in experts who are familiar with different materials such as rich silk, bold velvet and light sheers. When you select our solutions, you can never go wrong. You will be assured of added elegance and sophistication.

Improved privacy

As a home owner, you have invested a lot over the years to ensure that your rooms are full of valuables which are dear to you. To ensure the protection of your valuables, you have invested in the best security solution but the one thing you are not aware is that people can still get a good look into the interior of your home thanks to your windows. To ensure privacy and improved security, you can invest in our windows solutions like curtains, blinds and frosted window film. With our solutions, you can eliminate the chances of peeping toms getting a look into your home.

Long Lasting

When you invest in manual operated curtains and blinds, what you don’t know is that they will get to wear and tear quickly. This is because each day when you open and close the curtains, you will use a different amount of force. Tugging and pulling can wear and tear the curtains and the tracks quickly. Our automated windows solutions ensure even force when opening and closing therefore providing a durable solution that lasts for long.