S Curtains

S Curtain SingaporeThe S-curtain is also referred to as the ripple fold curtain thanks to the folds that appear as ripples. If you are looking to make your home smart, then the S-curtain is the best solution. Why?

Smart living

The world has become techno savvy and today many people are connected to the internet thanks to smart devices like smartphones. Apart from that, homes can be controlled from a single panel therefore enhancing the security of the rooms. When it comes to your windows, you don’t have to be left behind. The best thing about S-curtains is that they are fitted with a motorized track. This allows the home owner to control the opening and closing of the curtains with a single click of a switch. Thanks to the pleats designed into the fabric, the curtains will open and close with ease and you don’t have to fear about any entanglement in the mechanism.

Best choice

S-curtains are the best choice for your living room, your lounge, your bedroom and your dining room windows. Why? They can fit even in windows that have angles. This is highly convenient as you will have a solution for your window that fits with your current home design.

Lightweight fabric

The fabric used in the design of the S-curtain is lightweight. This helps to ensure that the curtains are easy to clean and wash. You don’t have to detach them from the mechanism in order to do so. Using a clean microfiber cloth or duster, you can eliminate any dust that is sticking to the fabric. This means that they are low maintenance therefore budget friendly.

Very affordable

When people get to see pictures of S-curtains in magazines, they immediately imagine that they will be expensive. What they don’t know is that they are actually very affordable thanks to the use of minimal material in order to create the design. You don’t have to overbudget when you select our S-curtain solution. Call us today for an affordable quote and you will not be disappointed.