Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Design Curtain SingaporeAre you seeking a modern look for your home windows? You can never go wrong with our eyelet curtain solutions. Every home in Singapore is looking to have eyelet curtains installed by our experts. What many people don’t know is that there is more than meets the eye when you look at the circular silver holes fitted into modern curtains. Not only do they allow the folding of curtains to be an easy process but they enhance the look of your home greatly.

Beauty of the curtain

When you look at eyelet curtains, you are amazed by their wavy shape which rolls from one end to another. If your home has high ceiling, then the best choice for your windows is the eyelet curtains. Not only will they be showcased well to your friends and guests but you will get to enhance the look of your home. Every guest will be asking you where you got the curtains from during and after the party. Why be left out while our experts can transform your home from an ordinary looking room to a stunning room worthy of being showcased.

Different fabrics

When it comes to fabrics, our experts have taken time to select the best available in the market. Our materials are high end therefore you are not only assured of durability but quality too. We don’t design curtains with cheap materials only to become torn after installation. We know this can ruin our reputation. That’s why we have invested in the best technology to enable us provide you with the best solutions.


When you choose our eyelet curtains, you don’t have to break bank in order to enhance the look of your home. We offer different packages therefore giving you the power to select the package that is suitable for you. All packages assure you of high quality installation therefore you don’t have to worry. You can work with our creative team to come up with the best solutions for your home. Call us today for a free quote.