Timber Blinds

Timber Blinds Singapore Are you looking for that classic look that fits right into your home? Then you need to know more about timber blinds. They are made of wood materials or timber just as the name suggests. Timber is a durable material especially when treated well.

Why select timber blinds?


Home and office owners have invested a lot therefore stocking rooms with valuables like flat screen TVs, safes, computers and other valuables. Security is a great concern in every neighborhood today. Whether you want it or not, when you leave your windows open, you allow peeping toms to have a look at your valuables. When you invest in our timber blinds, you are assured of privacy.

Timber Blinds SingaporeDifferent styles

To improve the interior look of your home or offices, our timber blinds are available in different colors. You can choose brightly colored ones or any other available shade. The best thing about this is that your home does not have to look the same as your neighbors.

Different textures

There are times when you want to walk up to your window in order to get a good view of the outdoors. When at the window, you will want to feel the texture of your blinds. They have a unique texture thanks to the use of different materials such as basswood, Western red cedar, cherrywood and mahogany.

Reduced noise

If you are looking for the ultimate solution that will reduce outside noise allowing your home to stay quite and comfort, then you need to choose timber blinds. As experienced experts, we offer customers long lasting blinds at very affordable prices. Contact our sales team to have your home improved.