Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds SingaporeMajority of Singapore home owners have the misconception that roller blinds are not suitable for their windows. Many believe that they are dull, look boring and may not match the interior décor of their homes.

Styles – designs and colours

As experts, we offer different designs which come in different colors and materials giving the home owner a wide selection to choose from. When it comes to colors, home owners have the option of selecting bright to neutral colors which not only match the décor in the home but also help to keep out the rays of the sun. To ensure privacy, the material used includes perforated and opaque. This means that you are safe from peeping toms. You and your family can be able to go about your duties without fearing that someone out there is watching what you are doing.

Easy to operate

The blinds are designed with simple to operate mechanism that requires the user to pull a chord in order to open and close them. When the chord is pulled, the mechanism allows the blinds to slide down and cover the windows.Outdoor Roller Blinds Singapore

Easy to maintain

With a microfiber cloth or duster, you can have the blinds cleaned with ease. If you are leaving in an area where dust is frequent, then the particles will be trapped in the material. To prevent the breathing in of the dust particles which could cause breathing problems and other conditions, its best to have them cleaned frequently.

Long Lasting

Outdoor Roller Blinds SingaporeHaving worked with several other satisfied clients, you can never go wrong when you choose us. To ensure our products last long, we have invested in high quality steel tubes for the blinds. Call us today to have your home transformed. Style your bedroom, your living room, your lounge or patio doors with our roller blinds. Call us for the best quote.