Dual Shade Roller Blinds

dual-shade-roller-blinds-singapore-4 Are you looking for a practical solution that will enhance the look of your windows as well as your décor? Look no further than Singapore dual shade roller blind experts. We are ready at hand to receive your order and transform the look and feel of your home and office.

Why select dual shade roller blind

Create a cool environment

During the day, the rays of sun shine into our homes and offices therefore creating a bright environment to live in and work in. While this is motivational to home owners and office workers, it can be a nuisance at times. Too much light can be a distraction by making one to strain at what they are doing. With dual shade roller blinds, home owners and businesses can control the amount of light and heat getting into a room therefore having a cool environment that’s suitable to stay in.

Ensure privacy

Windows are known to be one of man’s best inventions. While the inventor of windows had good intentions in mind, many people have developed negative ideas around it. Expansion of cities has led to having neighborhoods and other forms of insecurities. Without dual shade roller blinds, one’s privacy is compromised as peeping toms get to have a look at your home as well as your valuables.

Different shades and patterns

With our customized solutions, customers have a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. Our creative department has come up with varied colors beginning with bright shades to dark shades. The choice rests on the customer as they can decide on what shade matches with their current interior décor.

Child safe

As experienced experts, we have spent years coming up with the best designs. In the end, safety is all that matters when it comes dual shade roller blinds. Our products are safe for children and you can be assured of no accidents when one is installed.

UV Protection

To protect your skin as well as that of your family members and office staff, its wise to install the dual shade roller blind. The dual shade setting prevents the streaming in of UV rays onto a room. This helps to ensure the health of your family members and staff is upheld.